One on one counseling
with a specialist

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is for individuals
to talk with a professional counselor one on one.

It is a confined safe spot for individuals that want to discuss specific concerns about any issues they’re struggling with and to receive mental support. We always make sure to provide the best counseling service and treatment appropriate for each individual. 

Clients are free to express their emotions and concerns to a counselor and together they can explore ways for improving their overall well-being and mental health based on their concerns. Individuals that need specific mental and emotional support due to the difficulties of adjusting in a new cultural environment can express their thoughts and feelings with a counselor who can specifically understand their situation and cultural background. 

Our counselors are always accepting of all individuals despite any differences and we always encourage individuals to take the first step into improving their mental health. Our services include depression, anxiety, stress control, and many more that can be discussed. .

Meet the Founder

Dr. Cho is the founder of the Chicago Mental Health Institute. Her diverse experiences in the field of psychology have been well recognized in both the US and South Korea.

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