Many hands make light work.

-John Heywood -

Group Counseling

Clients who find comfort in sharing similar problems with other clients can join group counseling to receive and give support to individuals that have similar experiences.

Group counseling allows you to understand that you are not alone and allows you to communicate with other individuals that can understand your difficulties can become a very meaningful experience that helps you to grow and improve together. The experience that not only benefits you but other individuals in the group as well can create a very meaningful connection and members can share personal experiences and advice. 

We help you find the right group for your needs for you to receive the most support and comfort. Individuals that share the difficulties of living as a minority can also find great comfort from being with other individuals who truly understand. 

There are many different types of supportive group counseling that we provide for clients such as youth support groups, parents support groups and more. 

Meet the Founder

Dr. Cho is the founder of the Chicago Mental Health Institute. Her diverse experiences in the field of psychology have been well recognized in both the US and South Korea.

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