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Chicago Mental Health Institute (CMHI) is a clinical mental health counseling and psychotherapy center with a special focus on clients from different cultural backgrounds.

Our mission is to help individuals who struggle with the difficulties of adjusting to a different culture and environment and provide a safe space for them to heal and receive mental support. We understand that preexisting cultural differences and language barriers can make it difficult to receive effective counseling for immigrant individuals living in the US because there is a limited number of counselors that are able to relate to individual different cultures and experiences.

At CMHI, we handpicked our counselors from different ethnic backgrounds that would best understand each underrepresented minority group, which includes Korean, Chinese, Indian, and African counselors. We offer our clients the best counselors that are capable of understanding the client’s background, culture, and are bilingual in their native language for effective communication.

We believe in having a healthy client-to-counselor relationship is a crucial part of the counseling experience and always strive to provide the best services. We are also more than happy to collaborate with mental health professionals, schools, churches, and community organizations for the well-being of minority groups. CMHI provides Tele-mental health services as well as in-person counseling.

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Chicago Mental Health Institute was originally founded in September 2018 to provide for Korean-Americans in need of mental health services. We recognized the lack of resources available for 1st and 2nd generation Korean American individuals in need of mental health support.

However, all minority immigrant individuals, not just Korean Americans, deserve proper mental healthcare because of the cultural differences and racism that is a constant struggle. Thus we decided to expand our services to help other minorities as well to become a more inclusive mental health institute. 

Meet the Founder

Dr. Cho is the founder of the Chicago Mental Health Institute. Her diverse experiences in the field of psychology have been well recognized in both the US and South Korea.

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We believe that mental healthcare is a right and everyone should have affordable counseling. We have different options to match everyone's needs and do our best to provide the most affordable services.
We accept Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, United Healthcare, and Optum.
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