Building a healthy relationship
with your partner

Couple Counseling

Couples counseling allows for partners to discuss ongoing relationship issues that have affected their relationship in order to improve and develop their relationship.

Discussing relationship conflicts with a counselor can often help resolve the issues better because the counselors can help to see both perspectives of the relationship.  It is normal for people to experience issues in their relationship, but an important step in creating a healthy relationship for both partners is to address the issue and understand them in order to improve the relationship.  Our couples counseling sessions provide a space for couples to discuss each other’s thoughts and feelings with our counselors for solutions and support. Couples counseling can be beneficial for those who need help in deciding on future directions of their relationship. 

Family Counseling

We also provide counseling for families seeking to improve relationships with family members. Each individual can share their thoughts and feelings about the current family conflicts and actively communicate ways to resolve them. Family counseling can be very useful for any families wanting to build healthier relationships especially when a certain situation is affecting the family. Sharing specific thoughts and feelings with the family will also help members understand each other better and bring them closer together through acceptance. We believe that having a close and comfortable relationship with the family is an important part of a better mental health. Family counseling can include all or some family members of choice.

Meet the Founder

Dr. Cho is the founder of the Chicago Mental Health Institute. Her diverse experiences in the field of psychology have been well recognized in both the US and South Korea.

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